The most vital part of any practice is patient care and confidentiality. With that, security and respect are of utmost important when it comes to your patients. When choosing to outsource to a medical transcription service, know that a code of ethics have been designed to ensure that your medical transcriptionist services meet the highest standard.

MedicalThe Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is the world’s largest not for profit association representing the individuals and organizations in healthcare documentation. AHDI’s purpose is to protect the integrity of the patients’ health information through continuous workforce development and the support of practitioners and industry partners ( The AHDI created an initial guiding principle and framework for its members. Since then, the regulations have become a standard for medical transcription companies.

Some of the rules and regulations created by the AHDI to help medical transcriptionists in providing quality services to the clients are:

Confidentiality of patient information is of supreme importance to medical transcription companies. It includes peer reviews, quality improvement and risk management protocols, and exceptional effort to maintain data security in electronic communications.

Proper implementation and maintenance of standards for professional transcription practice. Always strive to provide accurate and timely information. Compliance with all laws, rules, regulations and standards governing practice of patient documentation. Always strive for professional practices including work or professional experience, credentials, affiliations, productivity reporting, billing charges and payment practices. Respect the rights and dignity of all individuals. Create a working environment where employees are thorough professionals facilitating integrity and protecting personal information of the patients.

Nicole D. Wray -President at– earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. For the past 15 years Ms. Wray has varied leadership roles in the medical transcription industry, from sales and marketing to managing operations, her dedication to quality and integrity in the healthcare community, ensures you will be provided with the perfect solution for your transcription needs.